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Alea's Story...

At 4 1/2 years old she played on the big chair smiling, laughing and still excited about the toys in the waiting area not a worry in the world. We waited for the doctors hoping that they had good news for us and we would be heading home with an appointment, instead as they entered the room one by one the expressions on their faces told it all. Aleah was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma.

Without delay, she was admitted and her treatments started immediately with a team of doctors that treated her with great respect.

Aleah has undergone very strong chemotherapy, intense radiation treatment as well as surgery. Her little body is fighting back every step of the way and she keeps a very positive attitude.

During her stays at the hospital she has made some very special friends some that care for her and some children that are fighting the same fight along side of her.

Aleah loves doing arts & crafts while waiting to be seen by the staff at both Bostons Children’s Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Throughout the treatments during some down time she has been treated to some very special events and has met many professional sports players. She is a very simple but fashionable little girl that loves playing with her dolls and games on her kindle.

Currently, Aleah is 7 years old and in the first grade. She loves to read and she really enjoys math. Although she has missed some school due to treatment, she really likes all her classmates and talks about them with great pride. When she is in school she says she really likes gym, art and recess because she gets to play with her friends. She also likes reading all the get well cards she has received from all her classmates. Her favorite colors are pink, red, blue and black. Her favorite number is 7 and she says the worst thing about going to Boston is having to miss school and the long ride. When Aleah was told that she would lose her hair for the second time she simple said, “it’s ok it will grow back”.

From the family…..

No parent or guardian could ever expect to have to worry about associated health cost of a presumably healthy child or the extra expenses that come with such an unfortunate situation. We are accepting any donations to help cover some of these unexpected expenses. Many blessings and thank you for your support.